Friday, December 26, 2014

American Patriot Wilford Fungus's Victory Over the Evil Kim Jong Un Is Complete (now he and Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves must face a new foe)

Pirates of the Caribbean vs. Kim Jong Un (though the guy with the telescope isn't a pirate..but, whatever)

Well, gosh darn...  it was another Christmas miracle, as no sooner did Wilford Fungus (in the recent video at my very own youtube channel) implore Sony Pictures to release "The Interview" to piss off the mighty Kim Jong Un, that the powers that be took his very good advice, and did so.  Now thanks to American patriot Wilford Fungus, you can watch the James Franco and Seth Rogen film.  Preliminary reviews have been trashing the film as a stinker, but as Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves would say, "That is neither here nor there."

For now, Lord Throckmorton and Wilford Fungus face a new foe...


No, not that one.  I speak of the silent killer known as inflamed hemorrhoidal tissue.  Welp, just watch the video below starring Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves, Wilford Fungus, and Bryan Cranston of "Breaking Bad", and see what I am talking about.

Yeah, remember that time that youtube commenter asked Wilford Fungus if he was doing acid...?

"I was high on acid and started throwing my poo." (found on the internets)

It is good to know that Wilford Fungus and Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves keep pressing forward with these videos despite the lack of positive feedback, not to mention the many slings and arrows, and poo flung at them from the peanut gallery out there.

this is a new meme... the I'VE JUST BEEN FRISBEED dog

And that will bring today's journey to a close.

Now, I must go...  The Hole People need me.

Everyone into the hole! gif


  1. Well congratulations on single handedly defeating the might Kim Jong Un. I was really hoping that after all this fuss the movie would be decent. It had the best marketing strategy ever after all.

  2. I have no idea whether that commercial excites me or terrifies me. It's always hard seeing someone you love hawking hemorrhoid cream.

    1. Perhaps if you suffered from inflamed hemorrhoidal tissue you would feel differently?

  3. Inflamed hemorrhoidal tissue is called also called "piles", a term we gorillas prefer. Piles of what, I cannot say.

    Aren't dogs supposed to catch frisbees in their jaw? It must have been humiliating for the dog to get it in the neck, and doubly humiliating to be photographed getting in the neck. Using the picture as a meme makes it the most humiliated dog in the world.

    1. Well if the dog cannot catch a frisbee, he most likely could not figure out how to sign onto the internet anyway, and most likely will never see the meme, (unless an enemy of his points it out to him).

  4. I'm still waiting to see this James Franco flick. Oh, how I love him!! Oh, wait. That's not what is important? Fine, I'll swoon somewheres else!!!

    Hope you had a great holiday :) :) :)