Friday, December 12, 2014

How to Block Someone on Facebook at Christmas Time (The Ultimate Article AND Videos)

THE HOLIDAYS SUCK!!! gid  (see PSYCHO KID ruins Thanksgiving dinner)

Hello again, dear friends.  The holiday season is in full swing, but quite frankly, there are millions of people out there who don't exactly have the Christmas spirit...

TommyWiseau loses it in "The Room"

If that is an accurate description of you, I am here to tell you to SNAP OUT OF IT!!!

Captain Kirk slaps Spock gif

Things could be a lot worse.  They could be MUCH worse...


All your friends and family could be BLOCKING you at Facebook.  Though, maybe they would like to, but just don't know how.  Well, as they would say in Austalia "no worries, mate!" (Hi,Michael D'Agostino!), because Facebook has put out a tutorial on How to Block Someone just in time for the Christmas/Holiday season!

"feels bad, man" frog gets blocked at facebook

And my youtube channel has put out a video just in time to review it.  So here it is:

Once again THANK YOU, and please remember to support your local zoo...

"feels bad, man" frog set to Neil Diamond soundtrack

Stay classy, Chicago!


  1. I can't remember the episode in which Kirk slapped Spock but it must have been a good one. Although Spock always tried to appear unemotional, you could sense he was often seething inside.

    I've been blocked by several people, including a lesbian whom I tried to please by making several pro-lesbian comments (in support of fisting, etc). She later unblocked me.

    1. Maybe Kirk slapped Spock for blocking him at Facebook.

  2. G'day, thanks for the hooroo cobber! (in English that's "Hello, thanks for mentioning me friend")

    I recently had to block a girl who'd been giving me months of heartache. It was the first time I'd ever blocked anyone on anything and when I did it, a message came up saying "we're sorry you've had this experience." I found that hilarious because it sounded like someone was finally on my side ;)

    1. Wow, when it said "we're sorry you had this experience" did it put a picture of "The Calming Manatee" on your screen?

    2. I think there's a place you can send in a suggestion like that... ;)

    3. Lol

      I deleted an old acct and made a new one. Facebook somehow identified my best friend, showed me their pic, and said "but so and so will miss you. " im like HOW DO YOU KNOW?! Hahaha

  3. It's nice for Facebook to show you how to block someone because there can be some real asshats on Christmas. Not sure how I feel about the timing though. It would make a good present to yourself to block someone and be rid of a douchebag though I guess.

  4. It sounds like someone blocked you on facebook...hmmm haha

    Oh for the love of god with this facebook nonsense. I barely use the thing other than to post a picture of my mushy once every few months. Haha honestly, if someone blocked me or locked me or unfriended me, I am not sure I would notice. Its amazing the drama fbook causes at my job too. Coworkers getting annoyed at who blocked who...I say who cares!!!

    1. That's good you don't notice... that means you actually have a life! Haha. It is nonsense, but, oh well.