Friday, December 19, 2014

In Wilford Fungus and Gossip Goat We Trust: Wilford and G.G. discuss "In Franco and Rogen We Trust" (the new trailer for "The Interview" movie), and give their take on the whole crazy situation

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Make no mistake about it, kids.  What we are dealing with in this post is truly a battle between...


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You see... it's all about the controversy involving the Seth Rogen and James Franco movie "The Interview"...  a film which is a satire about assassinating North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.  Sony has cancelled it's release for the time being, but have still put out this promotional trailer for it:

The Interview New TRAILER - In Franco and Rogen We Trust (2015) Comedy Movie HD.

Luckily, American patriot Wilford Fungus, and celebrity news reporter Gossip Goat were available to make sense of the insanity for us in the latest video at my very own youtube channel. So please check it out below...

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Stay classy, Chicago!

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  1. My future husband mentioned this movie last night. I've been begging him to watch Pineapple Express with me, and he won't because he thinks I don't know movies. Now all of a sudden he's interested in a movie I would like??? Hmph and HMPH!!! hahaha

    P.S. I'm showing Mushy that picture of Elmo. She's going to be mad at you!

  2. Isn't Sony a Japanese company? I don't see why Sony chickening out reflects badly on America, but they ought to sell the film to Disney. If Disney got scared they could sell the film to Lockheed Martin. The company that built the F-35 isn't going to be intimidated by North Korea.

    "Dead raccoon" is a term that was used in M*A*S*H. Radar once told Klinger he smelt like a dead raccoon. I forward this information in case anyone wants to sue Kim Jung On for plagiarism.

    1. Sony Pictures is the American subsidiary of the Japanese Sony. But as Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves would say..."That is neither here, nor there." Good luck suing Kim Jong Un for plagiarism. (But since M*A*S*H was a tv show about the Korean War and Kim Jong Un is a Korean dictator, it does seem possible that is where he learned about dead raccoons).

  3. Replies
    1. I have been thinking that exact same thing. The whole thing is so bizarre. If it is a publicity stunt, it is surely one for the books!

  4. What a bunch of crap that they are pulling that movie, right!? It's weird because Isis is cutting off peoples' heads, and I'm skimming through that story, but someone F's with movies and I'm so pissed. It just shows you that I am an artist type with principals that make zero sense. And the blond cow is out of nowhere in that clip. Love it.

  5. To be honest the main thing I think about this movie is that they should have gone into this movie knowing they would release it no matter what. If they don't release it then a lot of time and money has been wasted in it's creation. Though if they do release it then, hey, excellent public marketing right here.

    1. Yeah. Kind of hard to have predicted this was going to happen back when the movie was conceived though.