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Friday, January 2, 2015

Shane Dawson vs. Sony and Taylor Swift('s people??): Shane Dawson BANNED Over Taylor Swift "Blank Space" Parody - Wilford Fungus Responds #shanedawsonsony #freedomwillstand

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Youtube superstar Shane Dawson's show-biz career had been rolling along quite nicely right up until some recent controversies.  The latest among these involve the take-down of his Taylor Swift "Blank Space" parody, and a brewing WAR between Shane and Taylor Swift's managers at Sony (or Taylor Swift's managers AND Sony, or Taylor Swift AND her managers AND Sony...whatever, who cares?)

ohhh, that Ernie! (via the internets)

WAR of course is never a pleasant thing, and Shane Dawson is pissed...SUPER DUPER PISSED... that Sony has taken down his Taylor Swift video.  Well, just watch Shane's vlog (scroll down a bit) on the subject (or watch some of it, whatever... I don't care.)

this pic via the internets

Shane has vowed to fight this to the very end...


Anywho,  you can still watch Shane Dawson's "Blank Space" spoof on the internets (lucky you!)... just not on HIS channel.  I have posted it below for your convenience, but I warn you, if you are planning on watching it... it is repulsive and unspeakably horrifying.  Also, it would help if you speak Portuguese...

Okay, the first 80% of this blog post was really just a lead up to the most important thing regarding this whole sitation...  which is Wilford Fungus's opinion about it.  Check out the latest video from my very own youtube channel below:

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Stay classy, America!


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