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Friday, February 13, 2015

Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry OR Katy Perry vs.Taylor Swift... WHATEVER (ALSO Kanye West's Grammy Stage Rush PLUS Lots of Other Stuff... well, you'll just have to check it out and see for yourself)

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As many of you know, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are on the verge of knocking each other's blocks off.  Welp,  we shall talk about that in a bit, because this is going to be one epic blog post.  So, if you are not up to that, I suggest you go take a nap and come back and read it later...  yeah, because we are going to talk about a lot of stuff...

I'll begin en epic post by posting Burpy Bear's epic burp video, which you can watch on my very own youtube channel.  or here..

Alrighty then, hopefully that wasn't too traumatic for you all...

INTERNET ADDICTION meme (via the internets)

Now, we go from the ridiculous to the sublime.  Last week, Michael D'Agostino did a very nice thing and gave me a A Very Inspiring Blogger award.

And that made me feel so good I could practically kick the sunglasses off of someone else's face onto mine...

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So, I decided to do something inspiring for once, and made this Nick Vujicic motivational meme thingy...

Nick Vujicic

For the record, my list of inspiring bloggers (in no particular order) are Michael D'Agostino, Mark Noyce , Gorilla Bananas, Jax, and Dr. Kenneth Noisewater.

Which brings us forth to our next exciting topic.  Ironically, I was reading at Mark's blog today The Rambling Person, and he was talking about how some cowardly anonymous internet arseholes were giving him negative feedback on a freelance writing site...  ironic because that is also the topic of Wilford Fungus's latest video at my very own youtube channel ...

Let us now stumble forward into the current events portion of this post...

Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry

It is well known that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry would like to beat the living hell out of each other.  As you have probably heard, Katy dissed Swift at the Super Bowl with the help of some dancing sharks.  Luckily, at the Grammys, Taylor put on her best chess face, and did not incite a fistfight with Perry and her slimey boyfriend (Taylor and everyone else's ex) John Mayer.

CHESS meme

However, if you thought it would be a 100% classy Grammy evening, you would be entirely wrong, as super important guy Kanye West rushed the stage and almost tried to yoink the Grammy for Best Album from Beck to give it to Beyonce...

Kanye West and Beck Grammy gif (ft. Prince)

cat wearing a hat meme

This and many other topics are discussed in this week's episode of LORD THROCKMORTON FUNGUSLEAVES' ULTIMATE DANCE PARTY starring Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves and Gossip Goat.  You can check it out below, or watch it on my very own youtube channel...

Wow, you are still reading?  Congratulations, you win a donut!  (Don't get all excited, it's just an expression.  I can't afford donuts for all of you.)

Once again, thank you all, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago.


  1. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are both attractive women in different ways, so they ought to be having a beauty contest or maybe a mud-wrestling contest. No person of goodwill should want to see them fight like alley cats. I had to look up what Left Shark was and I agree that Katy Perry is behaving like an ass, so I hope Taylor defeats her. Thanks for making me an inspiring blogger - in the old days you used to get a badge you could display in your blog for winning an award, but I never got into that scene.

    1. Yes, the badge is on Mr. D'Agostino's blog I believe. I was probably supposed to do something like you described, but I'm a failure.

  2. Aw thanks for the nomination :) So all this fighting between the two hottest women in music was started because Katy pointed out that Taylor was wearing a polka dot bikini? I can see how Taylor could be offended by that (he said with sarcasm).

    1. Well, it STARTED because a couple or a few, I don't remember (whatever. who cares?) of Katy Perry's background dancers jumped ship and went on tour with Taylor, and then they ended up in the end leaving Taylor and going back on tour with Katy, or something like that (whatever. who cares?). That was too complicated to get into in the video...

    2. I can see how it would be very tough to choose :P

  3. Awww yeahhhh more shoutouts for me. I'm glad you see me as any kind of inspiration. It's always nice to be told something like that. I heard about what Kanye did at the Grammys. I'm getting real tired of his shit. On the other hand though nothing he does surprises me anymore. I could find out that he asked disabled fans at his concert to get to their feet and not be surprised.

    Oh...wait...he did do that.

  4. All this talk about these Divas fighting like in "Bloodsport" has me so exciting that I TOO may try that sunglasses kick. Sure, I'll get it wrong a few thousand times first . . .

    1. It just takes a lot of practice and a friend who doesn't mind being kicked in the head a lot.

  5. I love Taylor Swift! I think she’s adorable, classy, and is a very talented musician/song writer. Katy Perry annoys the crap out of me. She sounds like she smoked too many cigarettes and she doesn’t sound too great without autotune. You can tell which team I’m on, no? haha Besides, the superbowl show stunk this year! They should have just made it Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot!!

    1. I'll make a note that Jax is on Team Swifty!

    2. Thanks for the award also!! I'm going to have to prepare an acceptance speech that makes you proud. :)





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