Friday, July 10, 2015

Ariana Grande in Deep Doo Doo After Saying "I HATE AMERICA" in a Donut Shop (Wilford Fungus and Gossip Goat React)

Ariana Grande thinks America sucks??

Something horrible has happened, and it is even worse than "Kick a Ginger Day"...

Aaron Mishkin

Ariana Grande opened up her big mouth in a donut shop, and it wasn't to sample the vanilla long-johns, it was to do something a whole lot worse...

Ariana Grande: I HATE AMERICA

This is career suicide that makes Kanye West snatching the microphone from Taylor Swift look like... well..  not that bad...

See this revolting development in it's full horror down below...

I don't know what Ari can do at this point really...

Maybe she can say she meant the band America, but I don't think that's gonna fly...

If that doesn't work, I suppose there are worse fates than performing at Showbiz Pizza Place for the rest of her life...

Turning to the spiritual realm,  a new video from Jason Headley is the perfect ying to the yang of the Shia LaBeouf motivational craze...

See what I am talking about below...

All of this and much more is  covered in the latest episode of WILFORD FUNGUS FOR AMERICA...

Once again, God bless you all...

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  1. She didn't say it with much passion, did she? The problem is that the context of her statement is missing! Does she hate American for its donuts? Gossip Goat missed the point by talking about her home galaxy. It wouldn't matter if she were a Romulan or a Klingon. We still wouldn't know why she hates America!

    1. The donuts Ariana was offered were unusually large.. it was later explained Ariana is disgusted by fatass Americans (I am paraphrasing here), which is what ignited the anti-America remarks supposedly. Reportedly Ariana purchased the super fatass donuts anyway... well, I will leave people to draw their own conclusions with that...

  2. I think Gorilla is right about the context here. To me she meant more that she hates what America is becoming. Dunkin Donuts are a prime example of things like why America is to be disliked. It's slavish and lazy and has a lot of problems. America that is, not Dunkin Donuts. Not to mention it's way too sensitive. When the Biebs said he hates England we all laughed, and told him to fuck off and not come back if he hates it.

    We continue to hope that he does.

    1. Mark, you should have kicked Justin Bieber's ass for saying that about your country.

  3. Hmm...Ariana, what were YOU thinking?! How can you hate your country? I mean, it's filled with the millions of people that help you get a pay check! lol Maybe she didn't really mean it. I mean, we all have of off days!

    1. Yeah, the clips make her look pretty bad, though they were "out of context"... she, nonetheless, has a lot of damage to her image to repair.

  4. I could easily have been in donut shop and said "I hate England!" It's kind of a bitch being a celebrity because people are always hounding you. I would probably send my servants out to fetch me donuts and eat the shit out of them in my giant impenetrable fortress.

    1. Yeah, I guess it is a pain being hounded all the time, but on the other hand you would have 800 gorillion dollars in your bank account.