Friday, September 18, 2015

Justin Bieber CAUGHT Treating Fans Like Crap (ALSO Relationship Advice)

this cat

You guys may have seen this video Justin Bieber's Loving Way of Dealing With Crazy Fans - Top 10 since it went viral.  I have to confess I wasn't particularly impressed.  I mean, all of Justin's fans are little kids,  what would you expect him to do?  Justin's not going to tell them to RELAX and slam the car door in their face...  it's just kind of common sense to be nice, you don't get a gold star for that.

Oh, well apparently it is apparently a little harder to be nice to your fans than I thought, if you watch this video...

Which was enough to spark the unbounded fury of my employee Ricardo the Rhinoceros who rants on my youtube channel.  Just watch:

Which is the perfect segue into the relationship advice of Joseph Strickland.

Joseph Strickland: relationship expert

I can't claim to agree with 1000% of what Joseph says,  but I will definitely back his right to say it 37%...

I really don't know how to end this post, so here's a picture of Bill Dautrine.

Bill Dautrine

Thank you, and goodnight.


  1. At the end of the Bieber video, an adult female voice says "OK, let's see you guys cry now". Doesn't that imply the media stage-managed the whole incident so they could manufacture a story against Bieber? Please ask Ricardo Rhino to reconsider his judgement in the light of this evidence.

    I'm not saying Bieber behaved well, but it's certainly not the worst thing he's done. Suppose Bieber had pulled down his pants, exposed his butt, and said "take a picture of this, girls?". What would would the ramifications have been? If I were a school teacher I would set this question as a homework assignment.

    1. As far fetched as that would be Gorilla, Bieber was acting rude of his own accord. Perhaps the paparazzi was hoping for a more dramatic response from the girls. Anyway, the video portraying Bieber heroically has a million views.. the one of him acting like a jerk has 6,000.. so if there is anyone pulling the strings it is Justin's people.

  2. My new favourite line is "I don't hate fat women. I say hi to them."

    1. Well, I was expecting you to defend Justin Bieber in your comment, but you surprised me.

    2. Hahaha have I gained that reputation now? "Defender of the internet punching bag!"

  3. It's hardly the first time Bieber has been a bit of a dick with his fans. He's turned up four hours late to concerts before and even spat on them from balconies.

  4. Well, that's what the world has turned to I guess.

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