Friday, September 11, 2015

THE GOSPEL OF SLIM JESUS (Up and Coming Rap Artist Gets Unjustly "Crucified" on Twitter for his DRILL TIME Video)

Slim Jesus in "Drill Time" & Captain Swag

The road to music fame and fortune is not easy when you have to travel the rocky roads of the internets to get there.

This is what up and coming rap superstar Slim Jesus is discovering during his tumultuous rise to the top of the hip hop charts... 

King Ernie, lord of swag (via the internets)

for @TheSlimJesus is being besieged with some not so kind tweets from the heap of haters on that site.

hashtag #SlimJesus

is this supposed to be funny?

And these vines inspired by Slim Jesus's "Drill Time" video are not particularly flattering either...

Welp, this sucks.  I am hereby advising all members of the Fungus Army to throw their love and support behind Slim Jesus to counteract this negativity!

So anywho, here is Slim Jesus's DRILL TIME video...

And he is the video from my youtube channel (starring Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves and Wilford Fungus) in support of this young artist...

Once again God bless you, and thank you for your support.


  1. Slim Jesus has the face of an unrepentant convict on death row and his act seems to involves making threats of a menacing nature. Why would anyone want to promote a fellow like that?

    I don't approve of mocking him for being thin, though. If people prefer fat rappers, they should check out a character called Scorzayzee. His act is very poor, but he isn't thin.

    1. If FAT is what you dig, check out The Fat Boys.

  2. Yeah he doesn't really have the best look in the world. It's a bit of a shame he got that reaction but, hey, this is the internet. I expect to get that kind of reaction when people learn about me. People make jokes and be dicks about everything, especially other people.

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