Friday, February 5, 2016

Are the Fine Brothers Toast (or just very badly burned)?


Welp, if you have been anywhere near youtube you have heard of the controversy regarding the Fine Brothers...

the Fine Brothers tried to trademark "react"

The Fine Brothers fancy themselves the kings of reaction videos and actually tried to trademark "react"...

or at least trademark the format of their reaction videos.  It gets complicated, so I'll just let Hitler explain it.

Ok, if you would like an explanation that is both a little more diplomatic and in depth here is boogie2988...

Anyhoo, the outrage at the Fine Brothers' s greed is so intense that they are fighting for their youtube lives as we speak...

Now as for MY youtube channel.... this and many other exciting topics are discussed on this week's exciting episode of WAKE UP AMERICA! with Wilford Fungus...

Once again God bless you...

and thank you for your support.


  1. Well, goodness me, have these Fine brothers got rich producing their 'react' videos that react to whatever they react to? They sound as if they think they are big shots controlling a big video empire. Maybe the government should fine them for breaking anti-monopoly laws. "Fine the fine brothers" could be a popular new slogan which anyone may use with my blessing.

    1. That is a good point. If the Fine Brothers somehow were able to set it up so they could take the profits from every reaction video ever made that would be a monopoly anyway.

  2. Can't stump the Trump bro. You just can't. As bad as the reaction to Fine Bros was (oh no I hope they don't sue me) I think they will only be badly burned. I'd like to see that kind of crap burned to the ground but it just won't happen.

  3. Those billionaires are slacking. I have to agree.

    On the bright side there are no billionaire super villains. Wait, one is running for president. Never mind.

  4. Replies
    1. It is true I have made quite a few memes in my time here on the internets

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