Friday, April 22, 2016

Prince Leaves Us... Kanye West Not Going Anywhere (ALSO "Life of Pedro", errr.. I mean "Life of Pablo" REVIEW)

Kim Jong Un applauds another successful missile launch

Well kids... finally we have lift off.  I know I have not posted in a long time, but I'm back... back again.  And so is Kanye West... with his much ballyhooed album "Life of Pedro"...

Kanye West's new album is called "The Life of Pablo".. not "The Life of Pedro"... ehhh, WHO CARES!?

romance is not dead

uhh... I mean "The Life of Pablo."  Whatever.  Just watch my new video...  if you want to.

Also Prince passed away this week...

my face when no one leaves a comment on this post

Here's a video of Prince kicking Kim Kardashian off the stage at one of his concerts.

And that shall end today's journey.  God bless you, and thank you for your support.


  1. Welcome back! I was wondering whether you'd given up blogging because you were a victim of harassment. I think that's how it ends for many people.

    Kanye West recently visited a Scottish island called Skye and a local newspaper treated him like a nobody. If I were an Illuminatus, I would pay American journalists to write pieces like that about Donald Trump. It might drive him crazy, which would make his presidential campaign more entertaining.

    1. Thank you, Gorilla. Indeed I have returned. The Isle of Skye paper also said Kanye was the perfect guest, which makes me think more highly of him, but is perhaps bad for his thug image. Perhaps he can redeem himself by tweeting some insults at Taylor Swift.

  2. Prince really did kick KK off stage. The world lost a good man that day, and retains a lot of bad ones.