Friday, January 13, 2017

Donald Trump Slams CNN and Buzzfeed... "FAKE NEWS!" (and Rick Wilson is right in the middle of it)

So you may be asking yourself, what does Shia LaBeouf have to do with today's blog post?  Well... nothing... and everything.

If you haven't heard, Trump has declared that CNN and Buzzfeed are "fake news."  I could go along with this except for the fact that Buzzfeed has linked to me at least 3 times.  I know.. to quote Ron Burgundy you "don't believe me."  Well here they are:

19 Reasons Being A Straight White Man Is Hard AF - BuzzFeed


The 35 Happiest Things That Have Ever Happened - BuzzFeed


10 Apps For Couples That Really Should Exist - BuzzFeed



Good people those folks at Buzzfeed. Good people in my book.

Tucker Carlson always looks bewildered


Did you hear that??  That sounds pretty serious.  There are forces that be really out to get Trump.

Ok, now back to Rick Wilson...

Candice the cuck slayer: more about her later

Ok NOW back to Rick Wilson.  Probably half my readers don't know who Rick Wilson is (which means Gorilla probably doesn't know who Rick Wilson is).

Alright, so this is who he is:

And this week's video at my youtube channel is also about him.  I really wanted you to watch that but you are probably too tired out now from all the other stuff, and won't watch it, but I will post it anyway:

new Donald Trump "Overrated!" meme

Thank you and goodnight.


  1. OK, so the allegation is that Trump watched prostitutes piss on Obama's bed? I find that a lot more credible than the prostitutes pissed on him. Trump is a sadist, not a masochist. I hadn't heard of Rick Wilson, but he sounds like the right kind of pundit for the Trump presidency. It's going to be a most memorable insult competition.

  2. Man, we are in big trouble. You think Gorilla will let us come to jolly old England? I mean that's a mess too with their citizens voting for something dumb, but not NEARLY as dumb as electing Trump. It's embarrassing, but he can't last through 4 years without getting impeached, can he?

  3. It was a really, really interesting week for news, politics, and political news. I'm starting to get concerned about the power that /pol/ wields. I mean; they got Trump elected.