Friday, February 10, 2017

Idubbz and Tana Mongeau Almost Start World War III

ahh I did a video on this Shia LaBeouf #HeWillNotDivideUs stuff last week but ran out of time to blog post about it

Welcome back, true believers.  Just thought I'd dissect the strange goings on between youtube superstars Idubbz and Tana Mongeau for you while I had a few spare moments.

bear meme from the internets

If you spend a lot of time at youtube you know who Idubbz is and you probably have more recently heard of Tana Mongeau...  well, instead of rumbling on I will just post the pertinent videos and let you sort through it all if you wish to do so.

First I will post Idubbz Content Cop expose on Tana Mongeau...

found this Harambe meme on the internets

And here is Tana Mongeau's version of what happened...

Alexander Jahans

And here is my video on the whole sordid affair (featuring the first ever episode of "Caught in the Crosshairs") which I highly recommend that you watch...

Thank you and goodnight.


  1. Did Tana say there were 90-year-old ex-slaves in the US? Hmm, she may need to take a remedial history class. And the fellow wearing spectacles should find something else to talk about, because he's behaving like a stalker.

    1. Your ears did not deceive you, Gorilla... she said it.

  2. Gorilla, I think he meant 250-year-old slaves still living. Anything is possible.

    So yeah, the n-word is just never okay. Sometimes I'll be reciting some Chappelle stand-up and it will slip in there, and then I feel like the moron guy from "The Office" when he is doing Chris Rock routines, and then I feel like a great big white dope.

    1. Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock must be twins separated at birth.

  3. I'd heard a little bit about this. I don't think everyone who uses that word is automatically a racist, and the world will be a better place when we can accept that. Racism is feeling that an entire race is beneath you and doesn't belong. It takes more than one bad word to convey that feeling.

    1. As usual Mark, you are the voice of common sense and reason.