Monday, May 7, 2012

Cat gifs: the Best, Funniest, Cutest, Craziest Most Awesome,Cat, Kitten, and Kitty Cat Gifs on all the internets. (Ignore the rest. These are the best.)

Well, it's not Caturday...but it might as well be.  Because I have assembled the greatest montage of cat, kitten, and kitty cat gifs ever....uhh...assembled.  Without further they are:

cat lies head down on pillow gif

cat filing nails gif

kitty yawning gif
kitty playing guitar gif

cat hugs stuffed animal gif

cat chasing bear gif

 cat and dolphin gif

cat and puppy hug gif

 cat riding in car gif

cat and kittens on slide

kittens playing with vacuum cleaner

cat/kitty is stunned

cat vs. dog gif

cat waking up gif

 cat giving massage gif

kitten gets adopted gif

"the f--- was that.  the f--- is this."  fat cat gif

chubby kitty doing a dance gif

cat watching tv gif

cat fist bump gif

High 5 cat gif

cat slap "catnip is a hell of a drug" gif

cat and baby fight gif

cats in McDonald's Big Mac hats  via (lcknssmnstr.tumblr)

cat in a box gif

cat bed magic carpet ride gif (source

kitten "First I was like...then I was like" gif

kitty cat and Peter Griffin from Family Guy gif

Anna Faris punching out cat in Scary Movie 2 animated gif (via teamgeekminaj.tumblr)
cat cartwheel (source:
cat hugging teddy bear gif
kitty/cat wants to be petted gif
kitty tickle gif

 cat taking off eye glasses gif

Jedi kittens gif

Metro Goldwyn Mayer cat gif via

sad cat gif

kittens gif

raccoon stealing cat food gif

cat vs. raccoon gif

...and keyboard cat plays us out


  1. Replies
    1. I've got to try this catnip stuff as soon as possible.

  2. Lol this made my day especially that cat sitting on the keyboard haha starving for attention

  3. Cats scare me. They look right through you while plotting your death!!! You know what scares me even more? Those cat blimps!!!!

  4. AW GOD! MY FAVOURITES ARE TOO MANY TO MENTION! (although the guitar one was pure genius)

  5. Cat gifs are definitely one of the best, if not the actual best, things to come out of the interbutts.

  6. Some funny videos, cats are so crazy.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. These are enough pictures for a month of Caturdays! Its is Caturday-mas?!

    So many good pics! First bumb, glasses cat, the tough looking cat, cat filing his nails! Hovering Cats!!

  8. DAMN, SO...MUCH...CAT...FLUFFY!!!!! funny post man

  9. I am not normally fond of cats because I don't trust them. I am a dog person. I like tough creatures with an adventurous spirit. However, that James Dean cat is pretty cool. And of course, Hitler cat stole my heart...and then stuck it in an oven.

  10. Add me to the list of people who believes cats will eat you. I am, however, okay to enjoy a slew of cat gifs. I just had to scroll through them really quickly.

  11. I think I just died and went to cat gif heaven! You had me at lazer cat and keyboard cat *thumbs up*

  12. Cats are almost cooler than Dax Flame. Almost.